Self-Publishing Simplified
Get Set for CreateSpace, Lightning Source, Lulu, or Short Run:
Full Service Quality Indie Publishing Assistance—
Editing, Interior Design & Typesetting, Cover Illustration & Layout

Visual Services

  • Theme illustrations
  • Book cover design
  • Interior design and typesetting

For more on my illustration services, please see this page on my main site.

Content Services

  • Proofreading and grammatical correction
  • Concept editing
  • Stylistic editing and consultation

Supplemental Services

  • Go digital! Kindle & Epub
  • Promotional web sites
  • Author web sites
  • Promotional print design (posters, flyers etc)

For more on my web site development services, please see this page on my main site.

So you want to self-publish, but you’re more of an author than a designer or typesetter? Need some help with editing or illustration?

Have no fear! I can help you get your book the rest of the way.

I offer illustration, cover design, editing, and typesetting/interior design experience, all at competitive rates.

Embrace the Digital Revolution

Don’t get left behind from the Kindle/Kobo/Nook market—I provide digital add-on services for your publication project.

Join a Growing Lineup of Indie Authors

Here is a sample of books in print where I have contributed self-publishing services:

  • Tim Gallant, Paul's Travail (2013): typesetting, cover design, editing, Kindle and Epub conversion.
  • P. Andrew Sandlin, Christian Culture (2013): typesetting/internal layout; cover illustration & design; CreateSpace setup; Kindle & Epub prep
  • P. Andrew Sandlin, ed., Obedient Faith (2012): typesetting/internal layout
  • Wayne Hays, Daily Fight (2012): cover design, editing, typesetting/internal layout; mini web site; accompanying CD design (booklet, insert, disc face); CreateSpace setup
  • T. A. Gallant, Moniyaw (2012): illustration, cover design, editing, typesetting/internal layout
  • Tim Gallant, These Are Two Covenants (2012): illustration, cover design, editing, typesetting/internal layout
  • Tim Gallant, Sermons on Galatians (2012): cover design, editing, typesetting/internal layout
  • Tim Gallant, Feed My Lambs (2002): editing, typesetting/internal layout

Are these authors happy? P. Andrew Sandlin writes,

Tim: I can attest to your superb, fastidious work. I hope that all reading these lines will consider Tim’s company for book design, web design, typesetting and related tasks. His work is praiseworthy—and trustworthy.

Qualified to Get Your Book Published

So who is your “Publishing Buddy,” and why am I qualified to help you with your indie publishing venture?

My name is Tim Gallant, and I’ve done everything that needs to be done in the field of indie publishing—and I’ve done it well.

Take the writing and editing end of things first. From the literary classics to engaging children’s works, good writing has been burned into me from my early childhood, and it comes out of my fingertips. My voracious reading as a lad was supplemented and sharpened from the age of twelve by the wordplay of songwriting (some 1,000 songs and counting), and later by generating promotional web content. Along the way, creative fiction and plenty of serious essays.

My written work includes Feed My Lambs, arguably the most influential English-language work on its subject matter (the case for the communing of baptized children).

Sure, you could lay out your book in Microsoft Word (or pay someone else to do exactly that).

But you’ve spent a lot of hours writing your book the way you really wanted it. It deserves to be typeset properly.

I’ve demonstrated that I’m committed to doing things the right way. In the early days of the web, I built web sites with cheap programs, because I didn’t know how to code HTML or CSS. After that experience, I put long hours learning how to build standards-based web sites, working with the proper tools.

Lesson learned. I’ve similarly committed myself to building books the right way. While I can lay out a book in my word processor, and have done so, I refused to be satisfied with that. Instead I studied typography and learned the industry standard program for book layout, Adobe InDesign. Just as I have been a continuous student of graphic design for years, I became a disciple of good typography and good typesetting too.

So that you don’t have to.

You can spend your time writing the book(s) you’ve always dreamed of writing, and with my assistance, your labour of love will get the benefit of the time and skills I have invested into the craft of preparing books for publication.

It’s not just that I can write and set type and do graphic design. I’ve been an indie publisher myself for over a decade. I’ve published via the older method of ordering a medium run (1000-2000 copies) of books, stocking them, promoting them, selling them. And I’ve also published with the newer, increasingly popular Print On Demand (P.O.D.) companies.

In fact, in 2012 alone I indie published three of my own books with CreateSpace and one with Lightning Source—besides helping other indie authors publish through these and other P.O.D. outfits.

Besides editing, proofreading, typesetting, cover design and even special illustration, I can do the stuff that few competitors can, from logos to business card design. I’ve been in the web development business for over seven years, writing clean, well-supported, standards-based code. Meaning that if you want a total package, including a small publishing house site or perhaps a WordPress author site, I can do it all along with handling your book files.

More importantly, I can do it all well.

So you want to do your own cover? Or you have people you know who are excellent proofreaders?

Fine! You can choose any of my services areas à la carte. If you need me only for typesetting, or only for a book cover, that’s no problem. (Exception: preparation of digital Kindle or epub files is presently offered only as an add-on to a full typesetting package.)

As much as you love your book, there’s no need to break the bank. While every project differs in scope and requirements, here are some numbers to give you an idea of the value I offer:

  • Book cover design from $400. Price includes three general concepts; you select your favourite, and I’ll finalize it. (Note: This price does not include original illustration work or fees for purchasing royalty-free photos.)
  • Novel typesetting from as low as $250. (Note: “Novel” typesetting refers to a chapter book with no footnotes, illustrations, sidebars etc. Price is based on $100 setup fee plus $1.50 per page for a 100 page novel.) For books with footnotes and/or images, please contact me with detailed specs, and I will provide you a proposal range.
  • Add digital (Kindle, epub) for as little as $80. Basic service includes .mobi and .epub files with chapter links.


  • Layout in professional typesetting software (not Word, as many budget typesetters provide)
  • Front matter (e.g. half-title page, title page, copyright and credits page, table of contents)
  • Running headers and footers (chapter numbers or titles, book title and author name, page numbering etc)
  • Professional grade typefaces
  • Best-practices typesetting
  • Print-ready PDF


  • $100 setup fee plus:
  • Under 180 pages: $1.50 per page
  • 180–299 pages: $1.30 per page
  • 300 pages and up: $1.15 per page

Note: The above prices are for typesetting only, without editing or prooreading, although if I notice something glaring, I will mention it. (Within reason—if you have an extremely poorly-edited manuscript, you should hire me for proofreading and editing services.)

Terms and procedure

  • You send me your original manuscript for estimate. Formats accepted: Word, Open Office, WordPerfect or Lotus Word Pro, or Rich Text Formt (RTF). Manuscripts in Microsoft Works will not be accepted). Other formats may be accepted, but may invoke a surcharge.
  • After you agree to the estimate, I will send you an invoice for 50% down payment, to be paid prior to commencement of work.
  • I will fully typeset the book, and provide a PDF of 50% of your content for you to look over to ensure you are satisfied with how things look.
  • Full print-ready PDF will be provided to you upon payment of balance.

Note: Upon receipt of the completed PDF, you will have one week to notify me of minor corrections to be made. I will correct any errors on my part for no additional cost, as well as other minor fixes deriving from author error. Changes beyond “minor” or identified beyond the seven day window may incur additional fees, so you will want to ensure that your manuscript is properly proofread prior to submission, and that you doublecheck your completed PDF promptly upon receipt.

Why wait?

today, and get your book project underway!

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